Monday, April 5, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Just a few snapshots of the beginning of Harrison's garden. He is SO excited! We're calling it the "gardenette" because it's him! I can't wait to see what he thinks in a few weeks when things start to sprout. I see many lessons coming from this...Patience being the main one!

Morning Glories!

Farmer Harrison (Disclaimer: These are play clothes and his Daddy dressed him. Anyone who knows me knows that this is not appropriate anywhere other than the backyard.)


Best Buds

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  1. Hey Susan~your family is precious :) It's a blessing seeing you all during services, even if it's from the other side of the sanctuary! Great job on your blog, it really is a wonderful tool to capture family memories! Barb and Angel also have blogs if your interesed (their links are on my blogroll) Tell Harrison I really like his garden! ~Deb