Wednesday, July 21, 2010


On Monday, July 12, Justin and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.  We took a little "kid-free" trip for the weekend to celebrate.  This was our first time leaving Brig overnight, but he did great.  Both boys did great actually.  We are so very grateful for grandparents that would drop anything (well, most anything) to be with our precious boys.  I know so many don't have the luxury of grandparents nearby. 

Though we missed our boys like crazy, we had the most fun just the two of us.  We talked (with no interruptions) and laughed and felt like kids again.  Who knew a little weekend sans children could make such an impact on our relationship.  We were beyond ready to get home to our babies that Monday, but made a promise to do little getaways like that more often.  I think the last time we got away was when Harrison was 5 months old - We were most definitely due for one!

I can't help but reminisce over the past 7 years and think of how we've changed, both seperately and together.  Justin is my best friend and I'm proud of the man he is and the family we're building.

In honor of us, I had to post a few wedding pictures.  It's funny to look back at these seeing as how it's only been 7 years ago.  We look like kids, but I remember thinking we were grown.  My, oh my! 

(The color's a bit off because I couldn't get the scanner to work and just snapped pictures right out of my album...:) )

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