Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brig's First Haircut

My little dark-haired fella was ready for his first haircut....already.  Seems that all babies have a little trouble keeping hair in the back of their heads and that was typical for Brig.  The hair on the sides of his little head was another story.  It was long and wispy and hanging over his ears; definitely not the clean-cut look that Mama likes.  Harrison was due for a haircut too, so on Sunday afternoon, I decided it was time to cut Brig's too.  He was such a champ!  Sat in his Bumbo seat and let me trim up the sides and a little off the back.  There was actually more hair to cut than I had realized.  He has the cutest cowlick in the front, so we left the hair on top as it was for the most perfect little comb-over.  It's funny such a huge difference a small haircut can make!

I guess Harrison was about this same age when he got his first haircut and, of course, I saved a lock of his hair.  I couldn't help but pull it out and compare it's shade to the shade of Brig's first trimmed locks.  Woah!  We all knew Brig was darker complected than Harrison, but there is a big difference in the shade of their "first curls!"  Brig's is MUCH darker than Harrison's.  Neither of my boys look like me AT ALL, but I gleam with pride that Brig has dark hair like me!  Secretly Justin has dark hair too, but his started off blonde (like Harrison's), so I'm ignoring that fact right now. 

Though it's hard to tell from the pictures, that little haircut has made such a difference in Brig's "look."  He looks so much older just from that - Besides the fact that he's learning and growing every day.  Such a big guy!



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