Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crazy Busy?? It must be Summertime!

I'm feeling a tad short of breath this week!  It has been crazy busy, which is all too common for Summertime.  Lots of fun and exciting things happening though....New carpet being installed, closet cleaning (the kind that requires a followup garage sale - also happening this week), vacation Bible school nightly, pick up and drop off sweet neice and nephew to and from said vacation Bible school, birthday party, monthly hair appointment, Mama Couture orders/projects...Oh, and this other little thing I have - WORK!

I'm totally not complaining.  I actually think I thrive off of this sort of fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants craziness.  However, as can be told by the lack of housework and cooking happening this week, my homemaker duties do not thrive off of such craziness. 

That being said, fun new blogs coming up soon.  (Well, maybe not fun to anyone else, but fun for me!)  My sweet littlest critter is officially sitting up like a BiG BoY, so cutie pics of that as well as other happenings in our neck of the woods are on their way!

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