Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Weekend

We wrapped a crazy-busy June and jumped into a crazy-busy July!  Hey, that's the fun of summer right??!?

I had done some planning ahead since July 4th fell on Sunday and had been busy in front of my sewing maching doing matching shirts for my little guys to wear to the day's festivities.   The Saturday prior, we spent time with friends at a cookout complete with awesome fireworks.  That Sunday morning -- July 4th -- Harrison woke up screaming and couldn't open his eye.  I pryed it open and cleaned out gook and sand...gross.  He was still crying about his eye hurting and couldn't open it.  I ended up calling the pediatrician (so gratefull they take urgent appointment on Saturday and Sunday) and they wanted to see him to make sure there was no abrasion.  Needless to say, they boys spent the morning not at church in coordinating outfits, but at the doctor's office in coordinating outfits!  Afterwards, we grabbed a quick lunch with Justin's dad while we were in Jacksonville and headed on about the events for the day. 

We made the drive to Palatka and had supper with family.  It was so nice to visit with them.  I was excited to see my cousin Elizabeth's new baby boy, Caden, and my other cousin Whitney's baby boy, Lane.  Brigdon, Lane and Caden are only months apart, so it was fun to compare them and watch them interact with each other.  So sweet they are!

Caden with grandpa Billy Wayne, Harrison and Brigdon with "B," Lane with grandpa David

We ended up staying at Mom & Allan's in St Augustine and then spent Monday with my Aunt Wendy and her family at the beach.  So good to see my cousins Jenna and Gavin, who it seems have grown up overnight.  I can remember Aunt Wendy's baby bumps and it wasn't that long ago!  Jenna was the "little Mama" and my babysitter for the day.  Gavin kept Harrison busy in the pool.  No doubt my guys slept very good on the drive home!

Brigdon and cousin Jenna

Harrison, cousin Gavin, and Brigdon

Brigdon and Jenna in the pool

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