Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bountiful Blessings - What are You "Grape-ful" For?

There's a little fun thing traveling the Facebook world for the month of November that focuses on "Bountiful Blessings."  The goal is to post one thing for each day of the month that you're grateful for. 

Who needs a reminder about how blessed they are??  Sadly, it's me.  I get so caught up in the day-to-day rat race of life that I so very often miss those blessings in disguise.  Honestly, if I made it a mission to sit down and write a list of the things I'm grateful for, it would probably be a book but I still struggle a lot with living in the here-and-now, or being enternally-minded.  The things of this world -- AKA 98% of that day-to-day rat race of life -- is only temporary.  I'm blessed beyond measure, but still constantly have to dig myself out of the mindset where I forget.

That being said, I'm quite excited to kick off Bountiful Blessings here on my little blog!  So, today is November 2 and I'm now a day behind on Bountiful Blessings.  Is this not so typical of me?  "A day late and a dollar short," I can remember my Daddy saying and it's something I repeat a lot. 

Day 1 - Bountiful Blessings:

I am grateful for My Jesus.  Talk about writing a book?  There's a whole study worth of goodness from just that one name - Jesus.  Jesus is the greatest gift I've ever received and one that I could never reciprocate.  (AND today is my birthday -- quite fitting, huh?)

Day 2 - Bountiful Blessings

This ties in with day 1...I'm grateful for God's grace.  Grace that forgives me time and time again over the same things that constantly trip me up.  And, oh, it's a laundry list:  Pride, jealousy, covetness...and goes on.  I sometimes catch myself disciplining Harrison and saying, "Why do I have to keep getting onto you for doing the same thing over and over??"  All the while, the Holy Spirit's dealing with me and saying the exact same thing.  Except that grace doesn't demand discipline - it forgives regardless of the crime. 

Partly related to this Bountiful Blessings stuff:  Harrison was supposed to choose 3 things that he's grateful for and take pictures of those things to school with him today for a special project.  After explaining to him what it meant to be grateful and what blessings were, he told me, "So I need a picture of us (meaning me & Justin) and a picture of Briggy and a picture of Tiny ("Tiny" is Tyler, his cousin and BFF).  Those are vangs I'm grape-ful for." 

What are you "grape-ful" for?

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