Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bountiful Blessing - Day 18

Today, I'm grateful for blogs.  Not just my blog (though I am grateful for it), but I'm grateful for the host of blogs that I follow.  Some are crafting and sewing, some are fashion, some are spiritual, and some are about just about life.  They inspire me and encourage me every day when I log on for some reading.

I would encourage you to search out a blog or two and follow them.  It's so easy through Google/Blogger.  Just sign up with a Google account (or create one) and you can add blogs to follow simply by clicking the "Add" button and copying the URL.  Super duper easy. 

Below is a short list of a few of the blogs that I follow regularly, a list that I literally add to each day.  They are in no particular order but alphabetical, thanks to my OCD tendencies.  Enjoy!

A Sacred Journey - A reflective blog; one that I would categorize as spiritual.  Features reminders that life is short and to live, laugh and love every day.

Deb's Everyday - A mix of sorts; one that I would categorize just about life.  Deb is hilarious and some posts are reflective and spiritual and other posts are just for fun. 

Fab Finds Under $50 - This blog is about fashion - Hence the name.  Being the thrifty gal I am, this is one of my favorites.

Make It and Love It - By far another favorite blog!  Mostly crafty/sewing things, but she also features recipes, tips on home decor, and such.

Pioneer Woman - Holy smokes, this gal is Super-Woman!  She's a fabulous writer, cook, photographer, homeschool mom, homemaker, gardener, and woman of God.  She's my idol!

Presser Foot - Yet another sewing/crafting blog.  Great ideas on high-fashion looks and sewing resources for apparel.

Slippery Tiger Tales - A blog about life with twin preschoolers.  Enough said.  :)

The Days I'll Remember - I have a special place in my heart for this little (well, not little anymore) blog.  Jennifer of TDIL actually inspired me to start blogging.  She's the Mama of two boys (much like myself), lives in the middle of cows (much like myself) with her country-fried husband (much like myself), and loves the Lord (much like myself). 


  1. So true! Life would be a little more lonely without blogs -- like getting a little insight from a friend on every reading. You're so sweet for mentioning my blog! I'll have to check out some of your others.

  2. And, I totally just started using Google Reader. I should have been more clever and started that a while ago!