Friday, November 19, 2010

Bountiful Blessings - Day 19

Today, I'm grateful for thrift stores.  Yes, I said thrift stores. 

Blame it on the cheap-o that I truly am at my core...blame it on my love for all things old...blame it on the sheer joy of finding something perfect with tiny little price tag...blame it on whatever -- they make me happy. 

I must say that strange looks come my way when people find out how much I love to thrift shop.  I can read them like a book. 
They're thinking, "Really?  Do people even go to thrift stores any more??" 
Oh, yes.  This girl does.

BUT, let me say that I'm a bit of a thrift store/yard sale/estate sale snob.  I will not buy a ratty old T-shirt just for the plain and simple fact that it's $0.50.  That's not savvy shopping...that's stupid.  AND, I have to be in the "thrifting mood."  If there's one huge downfall to thrifting, it's that it's totally hit or miss.  One really great trip makes up for 2 or 3 not-so-great trips. 

I would say my love (and hence, my gratitude) for thrift stores stems from a love to shop in general.  I even love to grocery shop.  Seriously.  Justin swears I just get this high from handing people money.  (For the record, he's completely exaggerating.)

Over the years -- lots and lots of years -- I've come across some really great deals.  The best part is that 99% of folks would have never guessed it was something snagged from a thrift store.  I would encourage you if you have a few hours to spare (really, nearly no one has a "spare" few hours), venture into a thrift store and dig around.  
I can bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.   

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