Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bountiful Blessings - Day 6

Yesterday, I wrote that I am grateful for my children and devoted that day to my oldest.  BUT, today is all about Brig!  We refer to him as "the baby," but he probably won't always be the youngest.  For now, he's "the baby."

Whereas Harrison is my inquisitive and rambunctious child, Brigdon is my observer.  He's quiet and soft-spoken.  I tend to think as he gets older, he'll be my "Mama's boy" -- and that's quite all right by me!  Though he's just shy of 1-year-old and still has plenty of growing to do, I cherish his sweet spirit for the time being.  He's been lovingly nicknamed "Smiley" by so many people, because he is nearly always smiling.  No need to goof off making silly faces or funny noises for him to crack a smile; all you have to do is look at him and that gummy grin spreads ear-to-ear.  Speaking of ears, I adore those too.  They're not overly large, but they do protrude a bit and I think it bothers his Daddy more than anyone else.  Recently I was browsing through a box of old baby pictures of myself and came across a few in my bald-headed baby days and ya know what?  I had those same slightly protruding floppy ears... Even more reason to love Brig's!

His first name, Brigdon, is a name that Justin and I sort of came up with on our own.  Funny thing is, we don't even think he knows that's what his name is because of the dozen or so nicknames we call him instead.  Brig, Briggy, Brigster, Booney, Booney-Bear, Brig-A-Boo, Stinky and/or Stink (courtesy of big brother), Boon-Dawg, B-Rig, Brig-Doe.  And even funnier is that he responds to every single nickname, but call him by his true name -- Brigdon -- no response.  He seriously doesn't even realize that's his name. 

On a more serious note, his middle name, David, is in memory of my dad -- a Papa my little Brig will never meet this side of heaven.  I see many, many traits of my dad in both my children and am proud that Brig carries Daddy's name.  David was also God's most beloved; "a man after God's own heart."  My prayer is that as my sweet boy grows into a (hopefully still sweet) man, he'll still be seeking God's heart. 

Brigdon, meet your Mama

So tiny

First Easter

Briggy & Bubs

First beach day

Sweet sugar

This boy l.o.v.e.s. the water!

Neither of them look too happy here...salt water + sun in the eyes = no smiles

Mama loves you Sweet Briggy Boo!

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