Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bountiful Blessings Day 22

Today, I'm grateful for a clean house. 
Probably sounds petty to other folks, but how wonderful a feeling to:

a.)  Wake up to a sparkling clean house.  Or,
b.)  Come home to a sparkling clean house.

With little rugrats and their seemingly constant messes, that "sparkling clean house" doesn't stay "sparkling and clean" for very long...unfortunately.  Over my years as keeper of my house, I've learned to let the little stuff go.  Way back before children, I used to make myself silly keeping up house.  (No doubt I probably also made my husband silly in the meantime.)  I can remember something as little as a pair of boots by the door (and not in the closet where they belonged) or dirty socks on the bathroom floor (and not in the hamper where they belonged) would set me off.  I would feel like all my hard work was useless because no one (ahem...my better half) would keep it clean.

For goodness sake, I've learned to let go of a lot of that.  Not to say that I never clean anymore.  Part of my evening routine is to do a quick sweep of the house and put away toys, dirty clothes, etc.  Harrison has his own "chores," including picking up his room at the end of the day and making his bed in the morning.  On average, I probably squeeze in a good deep clean every 10 days or so....and, oh how I wish it was more often than that.  I've got better things to do -- being a Mama as number 1 -- than make myself crazy keeping a perfect house. 

I have often warned friends and family that if they ever drop by unannounced (don't get me wrong -- I love unannounced company!), don't expect a perfect house.  Expect a lived-in house, because that's what goes on here!

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