Friday, November 26, 2010

Bountiful Blessings - Day 26

Today, I'm grateful for traditions; both old and new.

For my family, Black Friday doesn't mean shopping all hours of the night, though I have respect for those crazies who do! Black Friday for us for a tree -and quite possibly my favorite part of the season.

Other traditions like the annual pre-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas pie bake-a-thon with my ma & sis-in-law. (My crust will never top hers...*sigh*)

Yet another - Christmas morning French toast soufflé.

And new traditions...

Like the advent calendar, finally. I've been wanting to put together an advent calendar for the last few years, and every time December 1 rolls around I think, "well, maybe next year." This is the year!

Another new tradition is our "Four Gift Rule" for our children. Even at their young age, they get bombarded by SO many gifts and easily see through the true meaning of the season. So, starting this year, they will get:

1). Something you want.
2). Something you need.
3). Something you wear.
4). Something you read.

There's something sacred about old traditions that in our busied lives are difficult to keep alive. So, I'm trying my best to keep those traditions going in my little family as best I can.

Happy Holidays!

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