Monday, November 29, 2010

Bountiful Blessings - Day 29

Today, I'm grateful for the pitter-patter of little feet.

I gripe a lot (and I mean a lot) about cleaning up mess after mess, the racket of children running and yelling in the house, having to discipline day after day over the same instances, and even the seemingly endless mountains of laundry that greet me every Monday morning. 
But, at my core, I am grateful.

I'm grateful for happy healthy babies who can run and laugh and ask questions (and questions and questions) and push trucks and roll in the dirt and crash toy cars and tear my flowers up.  I'm grateful for the sound of little feet on the floor that greet me with big hugs first thing in the morning and randomly throughout the day.  I'm grateful for kids (and a husband) who can play outside and work and dirty up clothes that I can later wash.  And for those same fellas who can scarf down a pot of chicken & dumplins and praise me for a good meal...and also the dishes that I will then clean.

Life is short and stressing about the little things will shorten it further. 
Some things will never change, but we can change our outlook. 

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