Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bountiful Blessings - Day 13

"And I will put My Spirit in you and move you to follow
My decrees and be careful to keep My laws." 

Today, I'm grateful for the conviction of the Holy Spirit in my life.  Our church has just completed week 1 of a 2-week revival summit with Life Action Ministries.  To be quite honest, when we were prepared months back about this revival, I had the wrong attitude from the beginning.  I thought, "2 weeks!  What kinda revival goes on for 2 weeks??!"  And things like, "They (the pastorial staff) expect us to 'keep our schedules open' for an entire 2 week period??  I can't do that - I've got too many things going on!  Do they not realize we have children and babies who need their sleep?"  And even, "Those people (the revival team) are just gonna pull in here and take over everything?  I mean - Are they even background checked??" 
It was ugly...really, really ugly.
Enter the Holy Spirit. 
After our first session Sunday morning, Christ was convicting me big-time to get over myself - seriously.  I was even sitting there that morning during the service thinking to myself, "Hmmm...So-and-So needs to hear this."  "I wish So-and-So were here - they need this."  It didn't take long for God to say, "Ummm...No, actually YOU need this.  Let Me worry about everyone else." 
Many of the truths this week have been hard to swallow because they've hit me hard.  I see many, many holes in my life where I'm not glorifying God to the best of my abilities. 
But oh, thank you Jesus, for grace.  Grace that sees beyond my (many) faults and grants me another chance...and another and another. 

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